Every Time You Cry chords

John Farnham


Simplify chords 

  			C#m     G#m         A                B 
Never before have I seen you look so blue 
  C#m          G#m      A                G#7 
I can't find a cure and nothing comforts you 
    A                       G#7 
The light at the end of the tunnel 
        A                       B   B7 
Doesn't shine at the end of the day 
              E                     C#m 
Everytime you cry, save up all your tears 
               G#m                   B7 
I will be your rainbow when they disappear 
              E                    G#m 
Wash away the pain, till you smile again 
              C#m      B       A 
I will be the laughter in your eyes 
B             E   G#m   A   B 
Everytime you cry 
Time has a way of wounding what has healed 
What can I say?  I know just how you feel 
Your soul is dark and troubled 
Like a river running wild 
C#m      G#m                  A    B 
Well you know that's what I'm here for 
C#m    G#m                A    G#7 
I will give you what you need, more 
         A          G#7 
There'll be no hesitation 
       A         B    B7 
I will reap no reward