The Old Man chords

Kate Rusby


Simplify chords 


       C                   F 
There was an old man who lived in a wood 
    C               G 
As you can plainly see 
    C                        F 
He said he could do as much work in a day 
        C       G         C 
As his wife could do in three 
With all my heart the woman she said 
    C                     G 
If that?s what you will allow 
    C                   F 
Tomorrow you?ll stay at home in my stead 
    C    G            C 
And I'll go drive the plow 

C                 F 
But you must milk our Tidy the cow 
C                 G 
For fear she will go dry 
C                 F      
You must feed the littlest pigs 
C         G       C 
That are within the sty 
And you must mind the speckled hen 
C                    G 
For fear she?ll lay away 
C                               F 
And then you must reel the spool of yarn 
C       G       C 
That I spun yesterday 

C                               F 
The woman she took up her staff in her hand 
Am                      G 
And she went to drive the plow 
C                       F 
The old man took up a pail in his hand 
C           G           C 
And he went to milk the cow 
Em              F 
But Tidy hinched and Tidy flinched 
C               G 
And Tidy broke his nose 
C                               F 
And Tidy she gave to him such a big blow 
C         G              Am 
That the blood ran to his toes.