Come To The Light chords

Kevin Prosch


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Verse 1: 
G                       C    G           C      G        
I'm standing here to testify (Oh, the Lord is good) 
G                      C       G             C       G       
To sing of how He changed my life (Oh, the Lord is good) 
G                 C           G                C        G       
I was bound by hate and pride (Oh, the Lord is good) 
G               C        G                 C        G       
Never knowing of His light (Oh, the Lord is good) 
Verse 2: 
I did not think I could have peace (Oh, the Lord is good) 
Trapped inside by fear and shame (Oh, the Lord is good) 
You wiped away all of my grief (Oh, the Lord is good) 
When I believed upon Your name 
          C                        G       
Come to the Light, Come as You are 
        D                  G       
You can be the friend of God 
           C                        G       
Humble Yourself and give Him your heart 
        D                      G       
He will meet You where you are 
Come to the Light 
Just as You are 
Fall on the rock for the wasted years 
He will restore all that was lost 
Surrender now, His power is here 
 G                   D/F#       Em                   C       
Clap your hands oh God      , Clap your hands oh God 
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