So Pretty chords

Kid Dakota


Simplify chords 

Capo: 1st fret



Bm                   Fm 
jesse and i were not looking so pretty 
   Bm                  Fm 
we hadn't been well in awhile 
   Bm                       Fm 
we ran out of cash and they ran out of pity 
    Bm                              Fm 
our demeanor lacked what you'd call style 

Bm                      Fm 
alone in my room with a 100 watt lightbulb 
    Bm                         Fm 
and books i can't find time to read 
    Bm            Fm 
i'm scrapin' bags double-boilin' cottons 
    Bm                    Fm 
i'm lookin' around for my rig 

well it's dull and it's bent 
and you can't read the numbers 
    D                    G 
but nevertheless it's my friend 
with my belt between teeth 
    F                    Bm  Em G  
i'm ready to be friendly once again 
Fm    Bm 
yeah, yeah 

Bm Em Fm Fm x2 
(aaaaa part) 

Bm                Fm 
niki, oh niki, so young and so pretty 
Bm                             Fm 
your dad doesn't know what you are 
Bm                     Fm 
instead of a habit you should have a hobby 
Bm                       Fm 
like barbie or bugglegum cards 

well what good are the make-up 
and what good are makers 
   D                         G 
if nothing can make you feel good 
jesse go, jesse run 
            F                        Bm 
please make quick to the bad neighborhoods 
Em   G    Fm  Bm 
i'll wait for you 

Bm Em Fm Fm x4 

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