Might As Well Be Gone chords



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  			Tabbed by [email protected] 
Here's a great song by a great Australian band, I heard this during Triple  
J's, " Live at the Wireless " and was immediatly impressed.  The lyrics I  
have written down are way out, when I listened to it I couldn't understand  
a thing but I tried my best. 
   F#    pm_____ 
   --------------   x4 
Verse 1: (the lyrics on the second line are way out) 
   F#       C#       D        A 
   See your son turn strongly across you 
   F#      C#       D    
   Remember river in you  
   F#      C#              D           A 
   Sifting through all the crap on the river bed 
   F#         C#    E 
   Search and Loose ahhhh... 
            D                A  
    Well we might as well be gone 
          B             E    A 
    Where sinking as we swim along 
         D            A 
    Said it's not our time 
       B                E    A 
    We laugh at what we left behind 
    D                A 
    Might as well be gone 
         B                    E      A 
    Well tell him here's this to his song 
         D           A    
    Said its not our time 
        B               E    A 
    We laugh at what we left behind 
Verse 2: (same chords as first verse) 
    See me swervin' oh the scrathes from here 
    I have lost this sound 
    How we shared many are here 
    Time to climb back down 
Repeat chorus 
Bridge: F# x4  B x4 (repeat section twice) 
Back to chorus: 
Outro: (play intro once) 
If there are any mistakes you picked up please e-mail me on  
[email protected] I will be glad to here a reply. If anyone has You 
Am I tablature could you please send it to me, thanks. I know the lyrics are