Jessica chords

Lime Spiders


Simplify chords 

  			Intro: (C  D  B) x2 
C             D                 B 
Jessica it just could be the time is right for us 
C                 D              B 
Time to throw our caution to the wind 
C              D             B 
Baby if you're looking for a guide and lots of trust 
C              D              B 
Take a look at me I'm fallin' in 
Em                A 
fallin' into your heart 
Em                A 
fallin' into your mind 
Em               A 
feelin' like I'm in a trance 
Em                 A 
you've got me hypnotised 
   C       G 
oh yeah! 
C               D               B 
Maybe we should take a walk and try to talk it out 
C                   D                B 
If you think you've got the time for me 
C             D                B 
I don't wanna sound cliched by spinning you a line 
C           D              B 
All I wanna do is make you see 
That I'm.. 
(guitar solo) 
Come on let's talk about it 
(guitar solo no.2) 
(chorus) x2