Baby Blue chords

Little Birdy


Notes: Here's all the chord progressions to get you playing along with the song. I've also had a go at the lead fill that is played through a lot of the song, but I haven't done the lead part during the bridge. Lyrics figured out by tinylittlerockstar at the Little Birdy forum ( - Comments & corrections are welcome! VERSES CHORDS: LEAD NOTES: Am F C E E-|-0---1---0---0-|- -|--------------------5---------------|- B-|-1---1---1---0-|- -|--10---8h10p8-6-------5----8-12--12-|- G-|-2---2---0---1-|- -|------------------------------------|- D-|-2---3---2---2-|- -|------------------------------------|- A-|-0---3---3---2-|- -|------------------------------------|- E-|-----1-------0-|- -|------------------------------------|- CHORUS CHORDS: C#m G#m A E C#m G#m A B E-|-4---------5--------|------------------|- B-|-5----4----5----0---|-5----4----5----7-|- G-|-6----4----6----1---|-6----4----6----8-|- D-|-6----6----7----2---|-6----6----7----9-|- A-|-4----6----7----2---|-4----6----7----9-|- E-|------4----5----0---|------4----5----7-|- BRIDGE CHORDS: C#m E F#m B E-|-4-----------------|- B-|-5----0----2----4--|- G-|-6----1----2----4--|- D-|-6----2----4----4--|- A-|-4----2----4----2--|- E-|------0----2-------|- Lyrics: Am i too young for you babe Am i too stupid to see When i get home to see you I rush after your charms Its naughty to be here And my love song for you babe Is it all that you propose Then im lyin on top of you Wait i can not see Its naughty to be here Its naughty But i can't say that i love you anymore I just wanna make you happy Just livin for today Baby Blue Im yours But I only wish it was my plan Change the wild love song To the one you ..hey?????? Is it all that your waiting for patience and you'll see That in too long you'll be alone You let me go Its naughty to be here Its naughty