The Ghost Of Vainglory chords

Mark Seymour


Simplify chords 

  			NB! all these chords are actually one tone low so stick a  
capo on the 2nd fret if you feel the need to sound authentic. 
Transcribed from solo acoustic performance, 22 Sept 97. 
Chords in brackets are like passing notes,  
one beat before the following chord. 
G  C9  D  C9 
Verse 1 and 2 (same) 
G  C9  D  C9 
G  C9  D  C9 (G) 
Am C   D  C9 
G  D C9  D C9 
x 4 
Em  D  Am  C (Em) 
Am  D  C9  C9 
G  G D Em  D 
Am C   D   C9 
Verse 3 
G  C9  D  C9 
Am C   D  C9 (1 bar rest) 
Chorus x 2 
D  G 
Transcribed by: Kelly Wood, [email protected]