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  			SOng by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton 
tabbed by Buck 
An easy version for us not so clever players... 
Key of D 
  D                                  G              D          
I came from the dream-time, from the dusty red soil plains.I_ 
Bm                         G       A      D           
am the an-cient heart,_the keep-er of the flame. I 
                                  G        A          Bm         
stood up-on the rocky shore, I watched the tall ships come, for 
D                Em                G         A      D    
forty thousand years I've been the first Aus-tra-li-an. 
                             G              D            Bm   
I came up-on the prison ship bowed by iron chains. I clear- 
                                   G      A       D             
ed the land, endured the lash,and wait-ed for the rains.  I'm a 
                                   G       A      Bm         
settler, I'm a farmer's wife, on a dry and barren run,   A 
D              Em            2/2   G         A       4/4D           
convict and a free man, I be-      came Aus-tra-li--    an.   We are 
                   G   D           
one     but we are man-y and from  
Bm         A              D                 
all the lands on Earth we come. We share a  
                    G   D        
dream and sing with one voice,  
G A     Bm  A      G       A      D     
I am___ you are we are Aus-tra-li-an.