The Change In Me chords

Monique Brumby


Australia Ok, this was on the request board, then it vanished. So if anyone cares here are the chords for Monique Brumby 'The Change in Me'. Any mistakes please email me, Vengie at email-removed Note: 'G/D' is 1----3 2----3 3----- 4----- 5----2 6----3 that's what I mean anyway... Verse- G/D Em So I saw you again today, what a suprise..... etc G/D Em C Am ....why do I still feel this way... Chorus- C Am If I cannot have you then no one can have you C Am If I cannot see you then no one can see you Em F G Am If I cannot love you than no-one can love you F G C I can't believe this chay-i-ange in meeeeeee etc, etc, etc..... sing it loud, proud and out of key!