Pain Of The Flame chords

Nick Brown


Amaj7 F#m The worlds at war and we're killing eachother D Dm No time to stop Amaj7 F#m Or save one another D Dm Oh we can feel the oncoming terror Amaj7 F#m D Dm The pain and corruption of a nations tear. Amaj7 F#m So stop the pain D Dm And burn out the flame Amaj7 F#m Of world wide evolution D Dm Before we know it we will be going to hell. Amaj7 So stop the pain F#m And burn out the flame D Dm Cos you know we will die without fame. SOLO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amaj7 A little child dies from illness and hunger F#m Another is born in a stalving mass D Dm A teenager grows and becomes a father Amaj7 He needs to fend for his family F#m But in the end the war destroys D Dm Amaj7 F#m The only chance to save a boy.. that makes it one less on the class roll. D Can't you see your hurting me Dm You don't even seem to care Amaj7 F#m D Dm I'll end my life and finish all this despair...despair...