Same Old Song chords


Key: Yeah. pretty simple. KEY ~ = sustain VIOLIN SOUNDING BIT (sounds sick with distortion and reverb) e|----12~-10-8-10-8~-7---------| B|---------------------10-8/10-| G|-9---------------------------| D|-----------------------------| A|-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------| LEAD OVER VIOLIN SOUNDING BIT e|----19~-17-15-17-15~-14----------| B|------------------------17-15/17-| G|-16------------------------------| D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------| OTHER BIT e|---------------| B|---------------| G|-9-9----9-9----| D|-9-9----9-9----| A|-7-7----7-7----| E|-0-0----0-0----| Most of the song is drum and bass. The bass does one of these 2 lines (don't have a bass so I can't check) G|--------------------| D|--------------------| A|------- or ---7-7---| E|-0-0----------------| repeated the whole song LYRICS!!! Hey Hey Hey - What? What is goin' on? Power to the people - It's that same old song Gotta stress the message - You know I can't B wrong I got a call to arms - You wanna come along? Now this time - Yeah - Isn't this the same old shit? A world getting older - And we make it sick! Nations make borders - and enforce with a gun How many worlds do we have to live on - JUST ONE Can you see a future - For these kids today? They gotta live life faster than eva - It's no way For unbalanced people tryin' to reach adulthood They try to make a difference - As if they eva could We got problems people - Yeah - And I see you know But what can we do? Think - Where could you go? We're all Drugged up - Fucked up - Ready to die U cling to your beliefs - I wait to see you cry Suspicion - Division don't speak to them You don't talk to us and don't be my friend Coz, I don't like you and you don't trust me So let's see what comes around eventually Well we can see it comin' - But can we weather the storm It's no use runnin' - Tectonic plates are worn A child earthquake victim for the rubble torn A radiation release to find a nuclear dawn! Chorus: It's not about the HIP HOP! This is the HARD NOK! We don't SHIT POP! We're here to RIP ROCK!