Juanita's Cocktail Party chords

Not From There


Australia Not from there - juanita?s cocktail party This is a ripper of a song. sorry I only have the chorus and the bridgey interlude type part which are both not really hard. I have spent zero time actually figuring out the ins and outs of this its just what I remember for seeing their set at the meredith music festival (they gave me tinnitus their amps I reckon almost exploded) Anyway (tuning? I just used standard but they might use something wacky for all I know) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --11-11----9--9----7--7-----9--9-----11-11----9--9-----7--7-----9--9-----7 --11-11----9--9----7--7-----9--9-----11-11----9--9-----7--7-----9--9-----7 --9--9-----7--7----5--5-----7--7-----9--9-----7--7-----5--5-----7--7-----5 -(0)(0)---(0)(0)--(0)(0)---(0)(0)---(0)(0)---(0)(0)---(0)(0)---(0)(0)----0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ?you?re stuck in traffic? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --7-------9-------11-------12--------------------------------------------- --7-------9-------11-------12--------------------------------------------- --5-------7-------9--------10--------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- to make this sound good, try either clean or palm muting to begin with and then as the sound begins to build start pumping the distortion and hitting the top e and a strings I know this tab has some SERIOUS holes (like wheres the verse?) but any improvements would be welcome. sich offnen? Saw a bit of that: some variations on A then G with a capo on 7? good luck email-removed