David Icke And The Terrified Collective Unconscious chords

Old Table



        C                                F              C                                    F 
Ill run Naked through a Suburban county street, playing saxomaphone and moving quickly on my feet,  
        G                         F                       G                        
just to say something I can not say to your eyes, just to show something thats less than shrinkwrap,  
F                     C                                          F                C 
shrinkwrap and LIES! Im over the hill I got a bucketful of toucans glaring at me, theres nothing left  
                       F                                    G                             F 
but a glowing talking box and its not even free, oh no one cares and its my fault what a mess,  
         G                                                         F 
I wasnt made for this world I should have stayed in the other one, I shouldve been a girl,  
C                                      F          C                                         F 
no one talks to me like a person anymore, I just juggle my words and hope theyre not offended,  
                         G                                      F 
I hope Im not a bore and Its all about me I can't leave this body, when will I wake up?  
            G                                 F                            
Yea its all about you you cant leave this body, when will you wake up and join the green party?