Anthem Of The Ages chords

Open Heaven


  			Intro:	A      E      B    C#m 
A      E      B    


      A		            E 
The first sound, the last word,  
      B		     C#m	 	 A 
The voice that flung the stars into the sky 
     E	    B  
You are, you are,   
A	    E 
Creator, Redeemer, 
      B		         C#m		 A 
The author and the finisher of time, 
The cry of our hearts 
	  F#m        E/G#           B 
We lift our voices to you,    our God 

C#m	      A       E       	                B 
You are         the Anthem of the Ages, 
C#m	      A	     E	              B 
You are         the Echo of the Nations, 
C#m	      A	      E	             B 
You are         the Alpha and Omega 
C#m	                    A              B 
           Jesus, You are, You Are 
	A (to interlude) 
The Anthem of the Ages 

Bridge 1 

 A	E        B	  C#m 
Come, come, Ancient of Days 
             A	     E         
The One we love, we love 
         B	       C#m 
The nations sing Your praise  

Bridge 2 
A	E      C#m	        G#m 
Come, come, Set this world ablaze 
           A	       E                  C#m	             G#m 
With Your Love, Your love, We singing out Your name