When I'm With You chords

Open Heaven


Intro: C#m A E B 

verse 1 
C#m           A               E      B 
Captivating, rapture me with love 
C#m           A               E      B 
You what I feeling, all I thinking of 
C#m           A               E      B 
You calling me, You drawing me so close 
C#m           A               E      B 
Jesus this one thing I come to know 

I know... 

               C#m                A 
When I'm with You, when I'm with You, 
     E               B 
You make my life complete 
                     C#m                  A 
All I think about is You, think about is You 
    E             B 
And I am finally free 

          C#m                  A 
I want to be, right where You are 
              E                  B 
God hold me close, safe in Your arms 
           C#m             A 
Free to be me, heart open wide 
            E                  B 
I letting go, You by my side, when I with You 

verse 2 
C#m            A             E        B 
Here I am in awe of who You are 
C#m                    A                 E       B 
You poured Your love into my searching heart 
C#m               A               E        B 
You opened up my eyes and now I see 
C#m                    A               E           B 
Your perfect love has come and set me free, now I know 

              C#m        A      E      B 
When I with You, You, Oh, Oh (repeat 4x)