Oh, So Dirty chords



Am                        G 
  I was not welcome there inside your house 
Am                        G 
  Unless you had spilt milk down to the ground 
 F#                       Bm 
I learned that I was not aloud to shout 
E                          A        Bm  F  E 
But when someone arrived I did it loud 
A  Bm    F   E 
 Oh, so dirty 
Bm                          Dm 
I learned that bottles were enough to play 
A                            F# 
I learned that I could be alone all day 
Bm                        Dm 
I tried to stay awake in case you came 
E                            A     Bm  F  E 
Don't matter how late I was always there 
A  Bm    F   E 
 Oh, so dirty 

Solo  Bm  Dm  A  F#  Bm  Dm  E  A  
        Bm  F  E  A  Bm  F  E  A 

Am                         G 
 A cigarret or two could make you stay 
Am                       G 
 I never understood what was that taste 
And if they were your friends 
They were my friends 
E                                    A      Bm  F  E 
 Of all those friends I've made you were my best 
A  Bm   F   E 
Oh, so dirty 
Bm                       Dm 
And when you hear me cry under the rain 
A                       F# 
Remember that we're not alone out there 
Bm                         Dm 
Nobody is perfect, we both make mistakes 
E                            A      Bm  F  E 
 I know you loved me and you always care 
A  Bm   F   E  A  Bm  F    E 
Oh, so dirty, oh so dirty 

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