Big Heart chords

Paul Kelly


Simplify chords 

  			intro ( Palm Muting ) 
Verse 1 
G 	       F#  Em            Am         C		        G 
Listen to me,      Just Listen Now, I've got something to say to you 
		 F# Em             Am       C	 G 
One thing I know,     I've got good eyes, I don't like what I see 
Bridge 1 
Bm	    Am 
Just like a V-8 
Bm          Am 
Under the hood 
Bm   Am	           
Of a car made of nails and wood 
G                     Em                     D              C 
Your big heart's gonna break your little body 
(**Repeat line once**) 
Verse 2 (same progression) 
You light the lamp, I follow you down, I stand right by your side 
Out in the dark, I'ts niggly i'ts cold, I don't much like this ride 
Bridge 2 (same progression) 
Sometimes the motor 
Never can stop 
Sometimes the wine overrunneth the cup 
Chorus 2 (same as before repeat line once) 
Instrumental break 
Played over verse chord progression 
Bridge 3 
Everyone's asleep 
But your still awake 
You know you give more than I can take 
Chorus 4 
Repeat till fade. 
Suggested Chords for palm muted intro 
Just play a Barred G and F# on the 3rd and 2nd frets respectively. 
You can play all the intro chords as barred chords if you want 
suit yourself.