To Her Door chords

Paul Kelly


Intro: G D C G G D C G G D C G They got married early Never had no money G D C G Then when he got laid off They really hit the skids G D C G He started up his drinking then they started fighting G D C G He took it pretty badly She took both the kids She said Em D C D C D I'm not standing by To watch you slowly die So watch me walking G D C G D Out the door out the door out the door C D She said shove it Jack I'm walking out your fucking door e--------------------------------------------- B--15-----15---------------------------------- G-----14-----14--12-12--12h14p12--12-12------- D--------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------- She went to her brothers, got a little bar work He went to the buttery, stayed about a year Then he wrote a letter, said I want to see you She thought he sounded better, she sent him up the fare He was riding through the cane, in the pouring rain On Olympic, to her door, to her door To her door, to her door (And his heart was singing like a low down guitar...)
SOLO: Verse (the last bit's not exact but it fits nicely) G D C G G D e----------------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------0-------------- A-----------0-2---------------0-2-2--------------2-----2-0-------- E-3-3-3-3-----------3-3-3-3-------------3-3-3-3-------------3----- C G G D e--------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------9S12--12-12--12S10-------- G----------------------------0-0---------------------------- D--0-0-0-0-0----------0-2-0-------------------------------- A-------------2-0----------------------------------------- E------------------3--------------------------------------- C G G D e--------------------------------------------------------- B--10-10--10S8--8-8-8-7--------8--------8-8---8--10--10B11 G-----------------------9-7------9-7-9------9------------ D---------------------------7---------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- C G e--------------------------------------------------------- B-10B11--10B11R10--8----8----------------------------------- G--------------------9----9-7-9-7------------------------ D---------------------------------9-7-5-5--5-------------- A--------------------------------------------7-5------------ E-------------------------------------------------3-3------- He came in on a Sunday, every muscle aching Walking in slow motion, like he'd just been hit e------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------15--- G-(Start with string bent up 1 note from 14 to 15)r14-12 D------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------
Did they have a future, would he know his children? Could he make a picture, and get them all to fit? He was shaking in his seat, riding through the street In a Silvertop, to her Shaking in his seat, riding through the street In a Silvertop, to her door SOLO: same as before