Elly chords

Paul Kelly


Simplify chords 

  			Transcribed by Nathan Eltis  
 Note he uses the same G to Cadd9 change technique that he uses in When I 
 First Met your Ma 
 G	Cadd9 		x 2 
 Verse 1 
 G		  	         Cadd9  
 Elly wrapped her 19 years in a coat from '41 
 D				       		G 
 She had the looks that would make a grown man cry 
 G                                                        Cadd9 
 From the Diamantina River country, she crossed the dry mid-west 
  From her childhood dreams and sheltered schemes she cut the ties 
 Verse 2 Same chords 
 The commercial man made blunt demands, as they travelled south by east 
 Elly turned into a woman overnight 
 The her sat her down in the heart of town 
 The millionaire's retreat 
 She gazed up the tall, glassed concrete walls of main street Surfers 
 Chorus 1 
 If the deck's been marked before the deal 
 You learn to compromise 
 C			           G	 
 Get to know the cool hand with dice 
 G				 Cadd9			 
 Learn to live off losers, cause they make their mistakes twice	 
 D					Cadd9 
 Your'e living in high society cos your'e street wise 
 	G	Cadd9 
 Just to Survive		(who knows what he sings in this little ad lib?) 
 	G	Cadd9 
 Just to Survive 
 Verse 3 
 With her big blue eyes and centerfold looks, man she stacked them in 
 All the senators and doctors called her Madam 
 With her fifteen girls she built a world, A pleasured paradise 
 On what a man of God would call the wages of sin 
 Chorus 2 same as before 
 Interlude 2 same as before 
 Verse 4 
 Now a wealth woman drinks with diamnd rings, sits 20 storeys high 
 And gazes out as the sun lifts from the sea 
 To make it to the top, Elly sacrificed a lot 
 And found that a seven figure sum, much too high a fee 
 Chorus and interlude to fade