Everything's Turning To White chords

Paul Kelly


Simplify chords 

Capo: 5st fret

This song can be played in two ways, either is fine. I am not sure which is 
the preferred method of Paul Kelly himself, I'm sure I'll never find out 
but that doesn't really matter. I will show what I believe to be the 
chord progression in the open position and then explain how I play the song 
with a capo on the 5th fret. 
There are only 4 chords to the song which makes it a nice eay song to 
play and sing to.	 
Anyway Here we go. 
(you'll have to listen to the song for the timing, but it should be easy to 
 pick up.) 
Everything's Turning To White 
By Paul Kelly 
C		F		C  (Pk uses quick changes to dramatise the effect I'll write this 
C F C 
 			    	     to show that in the song) 
Verse 1 
C                              			     F      	     C	 
Late on a Friday my husband went up to the mountains with 3 friends 
C					       F                                 C 
They took provisions and bottles of bourbon to last them all through the 
Am	       C                      Am                  F	 
One hundred miles they drove just to fish in a stream 
F                       C       F  G         C            C F C       C/B   
There's so much water so close to home 
Verse 2 (Same Chord Progression) 
When they arrived it was cold and dark, they set up they're camp quickly 
Warmed up with whisky they walked to the river where the water flowed 
In the moonlight they saw the body, of a girl floating face down 
There's so much water so close to home 
Chorus 1 
Bass String run into the chorus A B C F (the individual notes) 
	  F     		      C 
When he holds me know I'm pretending 
	  F             G 
I feel like i'm frozen inside 
              F       C            F      C 
And behind my eyes, my daily disguise  
F	      G            C         C F C 
Everything's turning to white 
Verse 3 (same) 
It was too hard to tell how long she's been dead 
The river was that close to freezing 
But one things for sure, the girl hadn't died very well to judge from the 
They stood there above her all thinking, the same thoughts at the same 
There's so much water so close to home 
Verse 4 Same as before but first 3 lines spoken not sung 
So here's what they did, they carried her downstream from their fishing, 
between two smooth rocks they gently wedges her 
After all they had come a long way, it was late, and the girl would keep, 
she was going nowhere 
They stayed up there fishing for two days, they reported it on Sunday 
they came back down 
There's so much water so close to home 
Chorus 2 Same as before 
Verse 5 
The newspapers said the girl had been stragled to death, and also 
On the day of the funeral, the radio reported that a young man had been 
I went to the service a stranger, I drove passed the pake out of town 
There's so much water, So close to home 
Chorus 3 
Same as before but drawn out to end the song. 
** NOTES : ** 
I hope you can understand the way I have written this and I think it's 
fairly accurate.	 
To make the sound more like the way PK playes the tune there are little 
bass runs when changing between chords. All these are are simple 
progression changes mainly on the root notes of each chord, all of which 
uses in heaps of his songs. Just fool around with them till you find a 
sounding note run for each chord progression. 
Well now onto the 2nd way to play this tune. I have just started using 
way since I got a new capo(my old one was cheap crap).	 
Anyhow without boring you with all changes and lyrics again i'll just 
you the chords. 
With  : 
instead of C use a open G shape 
instead of F use and open C shape 
Instead of Am use Em 
Instead of G use D 
pretty simple stuff 
I find the quick chord changes and bass string runs simpler playing it 
However you can suit yourself.