I'd Rather Go Blind chords

Paul Kelly


Simplify chords 

  			Transcribed by Nathan Eltis - [email protected]  
Here is another Gem off Words and Music 
To me it has a slight Oasis type sound, i think it's the drums ?? anyway here goes.... 
Rhythm Guitar has a slight distortion. 
Verse 1 : 
I suppose I should get over this  
I'm not the first and not the last 
Am                                       F 
To ever wake up with a hurt inside 
But it just won't go away 
It's getting worse now every day 
Am                             					   F 
And I can't find a hole that's big enough where I can crawl and hide. 
Chorus 1 : 
                  F               C 
I'd rather go blind 
                          F                          C 
Yeah I'd rather go blind 
E                                   Am 
The see you with another guy 
Verse 2 : (same chords as before) 
You made a special tape for me 
With songs from all your favourite CD's 
I put it on today, then I had to turn it off 
From Junior Brown to Dr Dre  
And You A I along the way 
The music only made me wan't to get inside your touch 
Chorus 2 (same lyrics and chords as before) 
Instrumental Break 
Chords :  Am	G	F 
Verse 3 : (no chords for first 2 lines, then same as before) 
You robbed me of my peace of mind 
You stole the taste out of the wine 
You left with nothing, but you took it all 
Now If you sleep with someone else 
I just hope it's with another girl 
You know I can't compete with that at all 
 Chorus 3 : (Same again !) 
Outro is chorus just repeated to fade out.