I Wish I Was A Train chords

Paul Kelly


Capo: 2st fret

KEY OF D Harmonica Opening C When I was a little boy I used to lie in my bed and listen for the '9:0{G}9' It F never ran on Christmas or the C day that Jesus died but every other day it G ran on C time It C always made me lonesome but it brought me comfort and what it did to me I can't ex{G}plain And F as I wonder through this C harsh and gentle world Oh every now and then I G wish I was a C train Chrous F Roll on roll on into the dark C night F Leavin' all my troubles be{G}hind F Carryin' my soul C far far away Oh every now and then I G wish I was a C train Harmonica Break C I loaded trucks in Isa rode the dingo fences cursed the ganger on the western G line F Started throwin' punches in a C bar at Charters Towers They threw the book at me G I did my C time Chorus Bridge F Cause a train don't weep a C train don't feel F heartache C sadness and G pain And F when I die just C let my spirit ride on the boxcar of an G ever rollin' {C}train Chorus Harmonica End