I Won't Be Your Dog chords

Paul Kelly


Transcribed by Timothy J. Ahern - email-removed Submitted by Mike van Acker - email-removed Notes:- Thanks Tim - everyone should email him (and me) with your thoughts - I felt the changes were a little later than indicated, but right. Does anyone think there should be another chord somewhere in the first and second line of the verse? If there is its probably an add on to the existing chord... Any thoughts? Em I've been drinkin' muddy water and it tastes like turpintine Em I've been leavin' muddy footprints up and down the Morgan Line Am C D Em Crows are cryin' all around me in a sky where the sun refuse to shine Em I've been takin' scraps from backdoor I've been hidin' in the cane Em I've been fightin' over morsels and I've been slinkin' back again Am C D Em I've been buildin' up a reputation on the levy all across the plain Chorus: G D Am Em No I won't be your dog, Your low ridin' dog, Anymore. Em Now the mangro sun is sinkin' and the moon is bloody red Em Every gun is clean and loaded lyin' by a feather bed Am C D Em Far and wide go my description and the price is risin' on my head Chorus - Piano - Guitar Solo Em I've been drinkin' muddy water I've been keepin' way down low Em All I hear is my own breathin' all I see is a distant glow Am C D Em All I have is tearin' me up wearin' me down just won't let me go