She Answers The Sun chords

Paul Kelly


Simplify chords 

  			   	D		     G		  
Wake up lazy bones I've been watching you  
D			   G 
and now the mornings gone 
	D		G	 
Hello lazy bones I've never known  
D				       G 
someone to sleep so long beneath the sun 
D				     G 
Open your eyes now, I'm on your stairs,  
D			  		    G 
look what I've brought you, mangos and pears, 
D						G 
coffee and kisses for you freckles and red hair. 
Sticks and stones may break my bones  
but names you know will never ever hurt me 
Call me lazy bones, I don't mind  
'cause lazy bones I was born to be 
I need my beauty, and beauty needs sleep, 
so go from my window my beauty to keep,  
freckles and red hair they're only skin deep. 
Open your eyes now, I need my sleep 
Look what I've brought you, they're yours to keep 
Freckles and red hair, they're only skin deep. 
Enjoy :)