They Thought I Was Asleep chords

Paul Kelly


C We were driving back from the country one night G Am Mum and Dad up front and the rest of us snug and tight C My kid brother grizzled for a little minute G Am ‘Til my big sister told he’d better quit it or die F It had been a long day in the countryside Dm Playing’ with the cousins on my mother’s side C G Am The sound of the radio closed our eyes drifting across the seat then I fell asleep C G Am I don’t know what woke me up, maybe a country song or a big truck passing by C But I could hear Momma and Papa talking G Am Papa said something and Momma began to cry F Dm No more words than just soft sobs and then my head began to throb C G I just lay there playing dog breathing slow and deep Am F G Am They thought I was asleep, They thought that I was asleep HARMONICA C G Am (x2) F G Am (x2) C Well it seemed like forever til the sobbing stopped G Am Then they talked for a little just too soft to hear C And Daddy kept looking at the side of her face G Am One hand on the wheel and one hand stroking her hair F The headlights shinin’ from the other way Dm Showed tears on the cheeks on Daddy’s face C I prayed for Jesus to send his grace G Am And all our souls to keep – back then I believed F G Am They thought I was asleep F G Am The night was dark and deep F G C How I wish I was asleep