Your Little Sister (Is A Big Girl Now) chords

Paul Kelly


Transcribed by Nathan Eltis - email-removed Intro : Bm (little bass riff F# F# A F# are the single notes) Verse 1: Bm She was always bugging us Em A Every day on the way home Bm Riding on the back of the bus Bm Every time we tried to kiss Em A She was there beside us Bm Putting on a funny face Chorus 1: G Em Your little sister, Your little sister Bm She's a big girl now Verse 2: (same chords) It seemed to happen in a dream Like the corn at summers end She was standing fully grown Peaches hanging on the tree I shook some loose, she bit too quick All the juice came running down Chorus 2: Same as Before Instrumental/solo break Played over chorus chords then verse chords Verse 3: ( again the same chords) We were married in the spring Little sister carried fresh flowers And my best friend held the ring Later on that evening I saw them dancing in the corner She was kissing him slow and long Chorus 3 Same as before Just keep raving on the Verse to the end....