Where I Come From chords

Pretty Violet Stain


WHERE I COME FROM- Pretty Violet Stain Written by Shane Nicholson and PVS Guitar 1: (play throughout song except bridge) e|-------2-------2-------2-----------------| B|-----3---3---3---3---3---3-----3---------| G|-----------0-----------------2---2-------| D|---0---------------4-------2-------------| A|-----------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------| X2 (Intro) Lyrics: A loser kid Firing boredom from the front row seat Caught a thought and put it on repeat An armchair hero with an all-night tan My own medicine Where I come from Nothing changes if it takes too long It isn't much but she likes my face And now I'll be looking for a new disgrace No shit And ? boy He's got the answers nearly every time Just shot a chance over the dead ball line The best intentions were the worst mistakes My own medicine Where I come from It's always a battle with the favourite son It isn't much but she likes my face I guess it's a compliment that won't replace No shit Bridge:(E A #Cm B) O-oh Oh o-oh Oh o-oh Oh o-oh ooo-oh And here we stand Is it courage or a lack of sense Declare war or in self-defence And protect our pride, pride, pride Where I come from Underneath the rock out in the middle of the storm It isn't much but she says she's glad I guess it's assurance that I've never had No shit Where I come from You blink for a second and the whole thing's gone It isn't much but she likes my face I guess it's a compliment they won't replace No shitting meeee Last bit: e|---2/3-------| B|---3/3-------| G|---2/2-------| D|---0/0-------| A|---0/0-------| E|---2/2-------| Guitar 2:(plays only in chorus and bridge) e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------7----7----------------------------------| D|----------7---7------------7----7-----5--5---9-----9----7----7-----| A|----------7---7------------5----5-----5--5---9-----9----7----7-----| E|----------5---5-----------------------3--3---7-----7----5----5-----| ...My own medicine. Where I come from, nothing changes if it e|------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------| G|--7-----7---------------------------------| D|--7-----7----5--5----9----9----7----7-----| A|--5-----5----5--5----9----9----7----7-----| E|-------------3--3----7----7----5----5-----| Takes too long, it isn't much but she e|----------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------| G|------7----7----------------------------------------| D|------7----7----5--5----9--------9------7-----7-----| A|------5----5----5--5----9--------9------7-----7-----| E|----------------3--3----7--------7------5-----5-----| Likes my face and now I've been looking for a e|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|---7---7--------------------------------| D|---7---7---5---5---9---9----7-----------| A|---5---5---5---5---9---9----7-----------| E|-----------3---3---7---7----5-----------| New disgrace, no shit (2nd chorus the same as first) Bridge: (Just repeat through bridge/solo) e|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|--9-9-9-9-------------------------------| D|--9-9-9-9-7-7-7-7-11-11-11-11-9-9-9-9---| A|--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-11-11-11-11-9-9-9-9---| E|----------5-5-5-5-9--9--9--9--7-7-7-7---| 3rd chorus continues to 4th chorus and then keep playing till end of song. Last two chords played by guitar 1.

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