Immune Deficiency chords



Simplify chords 

  			The tab already on here is so wrong I had to correct it. 
This is really quick but I've done it to the cd. 
Will do a more thorough job later. 
(Notes in brackets are passing bass notes) 
I spent yesterday... 
Dm / Fm / C / Am 
Scratching..	Sores.. 
Dm 		G  
Scratching..	Sores.. 
Dm 		G 
It seems to be..	Ony way.. 
   C        (b)		Am 
Ever gonna..		Feel,,, 
C    (b)		Am 
I guess.. can't	    Com-pete.. 
C 	  (b)		Am 
This is.. end of it all 
     Dm  	    G 
Hey yeah... 	Take you..	Fold You..	Paper.. 
E		G 		Bm  		C