Down The Road chords

Richard Clapton


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  			I was 
G					D 
Turned out of Caf?ologne as the	sun came up the	 
D				Am					C 
cock was crowin' and the	ground kept swaying underneath my feet	all the 
G				D 
drifters are Americans		chasing dreams to Amsterdam 
Am					C				G 
stumbling briskly past me on the street			And I've	got 
G			Em			C 
this feeling in my	heart		that it's	time to raise the blinds 
			D			G			C 
and change the scene				Down the road I'm go -	ing 
G			C 
down the road I'm go -	ing		(I paint) 
verse two: 
I paint miracles on pavements,			And don't expect no payment 
Unless of course the stranger's feeling kind,	I've lived this way for years and years 
Sometimes shed a madman's tears,		My head's bursting with life most of the time 
Then I get (this feeling in my heart ?.) 
Transcription: grimy solutions