Nothing Can Stop Us Now chords

Rick Price


Intro: C - F(2x) I C C soft as a rainbow like stardust and moonglow F i see the love in your eyes C like autumn leaves falling C and the first touch of morning F it came to my surprise Em Am true love comes once in a lifetime Em Why should we wait when Am G now it is the right time
C F nothing can stop this love we're making C F nothing can stand in our way C F nothing can block this road we've taken
Am G C nothing can stop us now II the joy of surrender so strong yet so tender i give my heart to you you know you could trust me and that's how it must be no matter what we do faithful friends and lovers forever right 'til the end we'll always be together Repeat Chorus Coda: G F Em - Am when love comes swiftly to your door G F C embrace completely what your soul is longing for Repeat Chorus F C ...nothing can stop us now Note: Please play it in plucking pattern and find some melody on the chords. You can be the best! dont quit. email me: om om