Rachels Coming Home chords

Russell Morris


G Gather round on ma's knee, C G to read this week's letter. G I wonder what will be, C G we hope the news is better. G C G The men here die like flies ma, G C G I bandaged their blinded eyes ma, D And the kids with their aching feet G Ain't got nothing to eat ma. G C G The hospital has no door dad, G C G Soldiers lie on the floor dead, D Oh I did my best, G but I can't take anymore dad G Rachel's coming home D Rachel's coming home C G Oh and I don't think she'll go away again G Rachel's seen the light D The world's too big to fight C G and I don't think she'll go away again D C D C My dear family G The world and people in it G Go the way they will D But there's not a man black or white G Who can never hope to stop them