Now I Don't Feel So Bad chords



Notes: Cool three chord song... Instead of just strumming G all throughout the verses, I like to play the keyboard notes on the guitar (see verse variation), it's sounds lush. Comments & corrections welcome.
INTRO: E-|--------------------------------|- B-|--------------------------------|- G-|------------0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0-|- D-|------------0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0-|-(etc. keep playing G) A-|-x--x--x----2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2-|- E-|-x--x--x--0-3-3---3-3-3---3-3-3-|- VERSE VARIATION: E-|-------------------|- B-|-------------------|- G-|-2---4-4---2---4-4-|- D-|-0---0-0---0---0-0-|- A-|-x---x-x---x---x-x-|- E-|-3---3-3---3---3-3-|- CHORDS USED: G C D E-|-3---0---0--|- B-|-3---1---3--|- G-|-0---0---2--|- D-|-0---2---0--|- A-|-2---3------|- E-|-3----------|-
Lyrics: G Kicked around and left to drown my collar?s in my mouth G Left at home in summer when kids are heading south G I feel I?m on a rope and i?ve got no room to run G And I don?t want the fighting but it?s pastime number one G Sometimes i feel like i?m a stranger in my town G I never thought that it could be the other way around G I hear what people say but i try not to care G C I can walk down the street with my own sense of belonging somewhere C Sometimes i?m immune to my surrounds C G But sometimes being young is enough to get you down G C I never associated feeling young with being sad C I hated being wrong C G But now i don?t feel so bad G Wishing for a kissing from the lips of summertime G Trying to get my kicks out of wasting all my time G I ain?t seen the sun from december through to may G C I couldn?t find a reason i could give to you to stay C I thought you wanted more of summertime?s caress C G It never struck me you?d be happier with less G C I never associated having less with feeling glad C I read you wrong i guess C G But now i don?t feel so bad D G Now i don?t feel so bad (chords same as above) I lay down and dreamt that i lay down and had a dream I felt myself dissolving and i don?t know what it means Every second another piece disappears from sight There ain?t enough of me left to keep you warm at night I?m gonna get myself back together soon You can turn a corner in an afternoon I do believe it?s the worst i ever had I can?t get back to sleep but now i don?t feel so bad Now i don?t feel so bad D I?m cutting all the corners D G But now i don?t feel so bad G D I?m busting through the undergrowth D G But now i don?t feel so bad G D I?m stuck here in the middle D C But now i don?t feel so bad D G But now i don?t feel so bad C G Now i don?t feel so bad C G Now i don?t feel so bad C G Now i don?t feel so bad C G Now i don?t feel so bad