Keep It Together chords

Shane Nicholson


Keep It Together no capo!!!
A Asus4/Db F#m E C#m Dsus2 F/E E --0-----0-------2---0---4-----0-----0-- B --2-----2-------2---0---5-----3-----1-- G --2-----2-------2---1---6-----2-----2-- D --2-----0-------4---2---6-----0-----3-- A --0-----0-------4---2---4-----------0-- E ----------------2---0------------------ intro & verse... A Asus4/Db A B ---------2-----------2--------------2------------2------- G ----2------------2------2-------2------------2------2---- D -------2-----------2------2---0---0------------2------2-- A --0------------0---------------------------0------------- A Asus4/Db A B ---------2-----------2--------------2--------2---0------- G ----2------------2------2-------2--------------2----2---- D -------2-----------2------2---0---0-------------------2-- A --0------------0---------------------------0-------------
A Asus4/Db A making the best of the days that's making up the worst of years A Asus4/Db A the distance from here to there is further than it first appears A Asus4/Db A travel the states of your mind spending too much time alone A Asus4/Db A gone out looking for fun but only bringing anger home F#m E no one here can give protection to save you from yourself C#m Dsus2 E you might need direction and we won't call it help A Asus4/Db A cut off my hands if you must i know that it's not your style A Asus4/Db A but what lies under the dust when you haven't moved for a while ? F#m E if the situation's hopeless you settle for a second prize C#m Dsus2 E it all comes back into focus when you uncover your eyes F/E Esus E
E --0--------------------0---- B --1---0-1-3-1-0-1-0----0---- G --2---------------2----1---- D --3---------------2----2---- A --0---------------2----2---- E -----------------------0----
A Asus4/Db A i don't mind all the freaks that you always bring around A Asus4/Db A or the way you hang your crucifixes upside down F#m E tomorrow you can face the weather or fuck it all up today C#m Dsus2 E A but could you keep it together just while i'm away