Cromagnoman chords


Play the bass and guitar parts with lotsa distortion to get that really fuzzy sound, especially in the bass. INTRO: Bass plays this throughout the song G----------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------- A----------6---------6----------6------6-8-10-8-6----- E--8-8-6-8---8--8-6-8---8-8-6-8---8--8------------8--- When the guitar comes in,it does this e--------------------------------- B----------8-----------8---------- G--9-9-7-9---9-9b--7-9---9-9-7---- D------------------------------9-- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- And then it does this during the verses e-------------------------------------------------- B----------4----------4----------4------4-6-8-6-4-- G--5-5-3-5---5--5-3-5---5--5-3-5---5--5------------ D-------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- SOLO: Greg does this differently everytime I see them so it?s kinda hard to figure it out. If you can do it let me know. LYRICS: (I?m not quite sure about this) Let?s go now Yeah uh huh I shaved my head for myself with a razor I get my look from a surgery laser I am a cromagnonman, I do what I can Cromagnonman, I do what I can With what I got I rise and shine like a homo-erectus I eat some grains from a packet for breakfast Nobody?s caught on that I am a cromagnonman Cromagnonman, I do what I can With what I got I?m into tv-computer simulation Sure as the twenty second century nation And there?s a place of which I?ll be evolving But evolution is a door that?s revolving And I don?t think I?ll be so old fashioned solving But I?m a cromagnonman I do what I can Cromagnonman I do what I can With what I got