I'll Be Gone chords



D A D A D A D G V 1.Someday I"ll have money, money is---nt easy to come by V2. Lovin , lovin D A D AM7 D7 G D A By the time its come by Ill be gone Ill sing my song and Ill be gone Bridge. E C#m A7 F# B E G D A Live the life of lux-u-ry does-n't seem--- to be---- for me, be for me Harmonica does a solo stay on D A D A D A D A V2. Someday Ill have lovin, lovin etc till Ill be gone. Bridge 2. Movin around comes naturally movin around and feelin free, that's for me V3. Someday Ill have money, money isnt easy to come by, lovin isnt easy to come by, neither of them is easy to come by Finish on D A D A X 8, helps if you have a harmonica but you can just play and sing. Remember the words are sung slow and dragged out, strum a couple of down strokes then a couple of brisk upand down to get the beat.