By The Time I Get To Howlong chords



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By The Time I get to Howlong by Spiderbait  
Off the album Grand Slam 
Tabbed by Trent [email protected] 
I've tried to accurately show where the chord changes take 
place but I'm doing it from memory, so there is bound to be  
a mistake ot 2. It's easy enough to work out anyway. 
  E               A  
  Looking down an empty road 
  To Lockhart town 
  A              E            A 
  A heavy load behind me 
                E        A 
  It's draggin' on 
           E              A 
  'Coz I'm leavin' on the midnight bus 
  To West Wyalong 
      A                E         A 
  And don't care much about it 
          E     A 
  I gotta go 
  C  G         D  A      E    A 
  Outside it's sunrise again 
  E              A 
  That's right 
     E                 A 
  So won't you say you oughta be 
  In a sunny car 
         A                E         A 
  In the Coleambaily with me, babe 
          E      A 
  I wanna know 
  'Coz I'm sittin' down 
  In the train 
     E              A 
  To Shepparton and back again 
      E A              E       A 
  And I just wanna get home 
  C  G         D  A      
  Outside it's sunrise 
  C           G 
  Mist on the road 
  D          A        E       
  Driving to Bright again 
  A       E 
  Drive again 
  A       E 
  Drive again