Hawiian Nights chords


Alright, here it is, Spiderbait's best instrumental, tabbed, the song is basically the same riff, with slight variations, anyways, here it goes: The whole song is palm muted, and it sounds best if you have your hand resting on the bridge of the guitar, so your palm is just muting the very ends of the strings Riff 1: Most of the song e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| D|-4-----5-----| A|-4-----5-----| E|-2--0--3--0--| Riff 2: Sometimes played e|-------------------------| B|-------------------------| G|-------------------------| D|-5-----4-----4-----5-----| A|-5-----4-----4-----5-----| E|-3--0--2--0--2--0--3--0--| Riff 3: Sometimes played e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| D|-4-----5-----444-----5-----| A|-4-----5-----444-----5-----| E|-2--0--3--0--222--0--3--0--| And thats it! At the end, Whitt, is just playing random notes + feedback, don't bother with this bit. ALL credit goes to my Guitar teacher, Dave, for figuring this out for me, thanks again Dave! Comments? Suggestions? Changes? Anything!?!? MAIL ME!! email-removed