Jesus chords


Australia 'Jesus' by Spiderbait Guitar and Bass tab Tabbed by Raph Brown This song is so easy you probably don't need to see this tab. But, if you're too lazy to figure this one out for yourself, here it is. Verse: Bass Riff G------------------------ D------------------------ A------------------------ E--5-5-5-535-5-5-5-535--- Guitar Riff e---------------- b--------------- g---------------- d--7-7-7-5/-7-7-7-5/- a--7-7-7-5/-7-7-7-5/- E--5-5-5-3/-5-5-5-3/- Chorus: Bass G------------------------- D------------------------- A-5-5-5-5p3h5-5-5-5-5p3h5- E------------------------- Guitar e-------------------- b-------------------- g--7-7-7-5/-7-7-7-5/- d--7-7-7-5/-7-7-7-5/- a--5-5-5-3/-5-5-5-3/- E-------------------- All guitars bash about on lower 2 strings for final bit, sliding up from 3rd to 5th fret (I think)