Shashavaglava chords



This is just the loud parts of the song.If anyone out there can work out something for the not quite loud parts please tell me about it! Riff 1 (very unsure about this but i could be right) Distortion i hear you ask?? YES! AND LOTS OF IT! E5 G5 etc... e---------------------- B---------------------- G---------------------- D--2-5-2-5-2-5-2-5----- A--2-5-2-5-2-5-2-5----- E--0-3-0-3-0-3-0-3----- Riff 2 (not too sure about strumming pattern) E5 G5 E5 A5 E5 G5 E5 A5 E5 C5 e---------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------------- G----------------2-----------------2--------5-------------- D--2-2--5---2-2--2---2-2--5---2-2--2---2-2--5-------------- A--2-2--5---2-2--0---2-2--5---2-2--0---2-2--3-------------- E--0-0--3---0-0------0-0--3---0-0------0-0----------------- A5 and C5 can also be played like this, but it requires some pretty nifty sliding up and down the fretboard. A5 577xxx C5 81010xxx Song basically alternates between the 2 riffs. Sorry, no solo. Any mail about this can be directed to me at email-removed (just remember though, i did it on an acoustic!)