The Last One chords



LISTEN FOR TIMING intro: e|----------| b|----------| g|----------| d|-99999999-| (not too sure about how many strums) a|-99999999-| E|-77777777-| ^ ^ ^ ^ these are harmonics strummed quickly main part 1: e|---------------------| b|---------------------| g|------7---------9----| d|-9-9--7--7-7-7--9--9-| a|-9-9--5--7-7-7--7--9-| E|-7-7-----5-5-5-----7-| main part 2: e|------7---------| b|------7---------| g|------5---------| d|-9-9----77777777| a|-9-9----77777777| E|-7-7----55555555| ^^^^^^^^ these are harmonics again sometimes: e|----------------| b|----------------| g|--------12------| d|-12-12--12---12-| on the last (4th) time leave out the last D5 a|-12-12--10---12-| E|-10-10-------10-| ^ the last D5 chorus: e|----------------------------------------------------| b|----------------------------------------------------| g|----------------------------------------------------| d|-9-9-x-x-x-x--7-7-x-x-x-x--5-5-x-x-x-x--7-7-x-x-x-x-| a|-9-9-x-x-x-x--7-7-x-x-x-x--5-5-x-x-x-x--7-7-x-x-x-x-| E|-7-7-x-x-x-x--5-5-x-x-x-x--3-3-x-x-x-x--5-5-x-x-x-x-| ending: e|-----------| b|-----------| g|-----------| d|-7-7-7-7-7-| a|-7-7-7-7-7-| E|-5-5-5-5-5-| Structure: intro main part 1 X3 main part 2 x1 main part 1 x3 main part 2 x1 the "sometimes" x4 main part 1 x3 main part 2 x1 chorus x4 main part 1 x3 main part 2 x1 the "sometimes" x4 chorus x4 main part 1 x3 ending