The Mob Has Spoken chords



Album: The Flight Of Wally Funk om> another drop D song off Wally Funk (DADGBe) \ = slide down riff 1: e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|-12--12--10-7-0-| A|-12--12--10-7-0-| D|-12--12--10-7-0-| riff 2: not exactly sure what to play, take ur pick of which one u wanna play e|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-12--12--12-10-7-| D|-12--12--12-10-7-| A|-10--10--10--8-5-| x3 D|-----------------| e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-12--12--12\-| D|-12--12--12\-| A|-10--10--10\-| D|-------------| OR e|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-----------------| D|-17--17-17-15-12-| A|-17--17-17-15-12-| x3 D|-17--17-17-15-12-| e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| D|-17--17--17\-| A|-17--17--17\-| D|-17--17--17\-| Petox om>