Vilas chords



KEY: PM = Palm mute ^ = bend / = Slide up h = hammer on this is how i figured out the main riff, it may be played down 5 frets on the G string (which makes it the same notes) but this is how i first figured it out... and unfortunatly i dont have the mad bass intro yet Main: e|-----------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------| D|-14-14-14-14--12-12-12-12-12--11-11-11-11--9-9-9-9-9-| A|-----------------------------------------------------| not sure about amount of picks, he changes it... E|-----------------------------------------------------| { PM whole line _ _ _ _ _ _ _ } Other sweet little riff: e|-/14^-12----------------------/14^-14^-12--101010h12-| B|-----------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------| i tried to keep it inline with the pther riff above it D|-----------------------------------------------------| NB: those are 10's, not 1's and 0's, and in the 2nd part A|-----------------------------------------------------| where the 14 is bent up again, its already bent b4 its picked.. E|-----------------------------------------------------| im sure u can all figure it out... and thats one of the simplest little filler songs around, have fun Petox