When Fusion Ruled The Earth chords



Here it is. The weird instrumental from Spiderbait's most recent album. Enjoy. This is the chord progression for the first bit. Check the CD for the correct timing C A Bflat G e--8-----5-----6-----3----- b--8-----5-----6-----3----- g--9-----6-----7-----4----- d-10----7-----8-----5----- A------------------------- E------------------------- Then there's a little bridge, played on the low E string: E----0-1-2-3----0-1-2-3--- repeat as necessary Then we go back to the first bit before descending into the little riff that is repeated quite a lot of times, with the bass and drums hanging around for a little bit, then buggering off for a beer while the guitar keeps playing, before coming back for the final 20 or 30 seconds. Of course, in the live version Whitt played the bass notes on his guitar while Janet did this bit on another 6-string. e------------------------------------------- b------------------------------------------- g---5----7----5--------------------5------ d-------------------7----5----7---------7- A------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------ And that's all.