Who Are The Freemasons? chords



What is written out below is as close as possible as someone who isnt a member of Spiderbait could work out. At the beginning of the recovery special version Kram plays an intro on a kazoo and it sounds cool. If you have seen the special, good stuff, but if you havent you should see it on Recovery or something. Its worth it too. Good Luck. Sam Massey Kazoo Intro Bass Riffs Intro/Verse |-------5---------------5-| |-5-6-7---7-6-5---5-6-7---| |---------------7---------| |-------------------------| Heavy Beefy Chorus |--------------------| |--------------------| |--------------------| |-0-0-3-0-3-0-3-0-3--| Bridge A. clean8x B. mild dist. 16x C. beefy distortion 8x |--------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-5-6-7--------|-----------------|-----------------| |--------------|-5-6-7-----------|-----------------| |--------------|-----------------|-3-4-5-----------| O.K. The Guitaring Intro w/wah wah pedal |-12--12--12--12--0--12--12--15?-15p-12--0--12--12--0---| |-12--12--12--12--0--12--12--12--12------0--12--12--0---| |-12--12--12--12--0--12--12--12--12------0--12--12--0---| |-12--12--12--12--0--12--12--12--12------0--12--12--0---| |--x---x---x---x--x---x---x?--x---x------x---x---x--x---| |-12--12--12--12--0--12--12--12--12------0--12--12--0---| |-12--12--15?-15p-12--0--12--12?-15--15p-12-------------| |-12--12--12--12------0--12--12--12--12-----------------| |-12--12--12--12------0--12--12--12--12-----------------| |-12--12--12--12------0--12--12--12--12-----------------| |--x---x---x---x------x---x---x---x---x-----------------| |-12--12--12--12------0--12--12--12--12-----------------| Verse w/clean |----------------------------------| |----12-------12-------0-------12--| |-14-------14-------14------14-----| |-------14-------14------14--------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| Chorus A. w/beefy distortion |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |--0-0-3-0-3-0-3-0-3---------------| Bridge A. mild distortion 16x (play in unison with basses B. Bridge riff) |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |-5-6-7----------------------------| |----------------------------------| B. beefy chunky heavy distortion in the world (unison bass C. Bridge riff) |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |-3-4-5----------------------------| Chorus B. Different Riff (similar to chorus riff) it is play beyond the bridge. |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |-0-3----0-3----0-3----0-3--0--3---| Song Layout >From the album The Unfinished Spanish Galleon Of Finley Lake Intro (both bass and guitar) Verse x5 (on last one singing begins) Chorus Riff x2 (but not actual chorus) Verse Riff x1 Chorus Riff x2 Verse Riff x1 Chorus Riff x2 Verse Riff x1 Chorus x10 (Proper Chorus-"Cut my hair, ??? Bam B Bam." Bridge- 1. Bass Riff A. 8x, 2. then Bass Riff B and Guitar Riff A. 16x, 3. then Bass Riff C and Guitar Riff B. 8x (with chunky distortion) Verse Bass only (guitar feedback) Chorus B. 4x (the slightly different version played beyond bridge) Verse Bass only 1x Chorus B. Verse Bass only Chorus B. Verse bass only Normal Chorus (chorus A.) 10x Then end on G power chord I hope everything is cool bananas. People who have heard the song a few times should able to follow the layout. If you do not agree with anything that is only minor you can substitute yourself. Any major problems contact