Sallie-Anne chords

Spy vs Spy


Mike Weiley must have bought a delay pedal just before recording this album????? Riff 1 Riff2 (varies in the amount of strokes during song) e-----------------------7----/-----10--10--10--10--7------------- B-----------------------8----/-----8---8---8---8---8------------- G-----------------------9----/-----7---7---7---7---7-------------- D-----------------------9----/-----9---9---9---9---9------------- A---------------7-------7----/-----7---7---7---7---7------------ E--7-7-7-10-10-----0---------/----------------------------------- Riff 1 X 5 R2 (There's a lot being played behind all this song based around an "Em" scale) R2 R2 You get what you can When things don't work out right R1 City life makes you grow up fast R2 R2 To each their own We somehow find a path R1 But feet get dirty on the way R2 R1 Disappointment, always Rears its ugly head Em R1 Expensive habits, Expensive tastes Lead you to bed R1 R1 Sallie-Anne Sallie R1 R1 Get what you can Sallie-anne Riff 1 x 4 Who do you trust To do what you must do You've No destination, always on the loose Temptations sake, you never made a stand But I feel that I must rake up This painful past R2 R1 R2 R1 Sallie-Anne Sallie R2 R1 R2 Get what you can Sallie-anne A Sallie-anne Solo: A D A D A D A D E R1 X 8? They had their way yeah We all know that was true But meeting in the park Was a silly thing to do Suspicion doesn't age Nor memories of you I've never been closer than a newspaper But I feel for you Sallie-Anne Sallie Don't trust a man with a gun in his hand Sallie-Anne Sallie Don't trust a man with a gun in his hand Sallie-anne Solo:A D A D A D A D E Riff 1 Start of the Solos : Not exact but it fits repeat this phrase twice A D E-------------------------------------------------- B----------------------7---7-8--10-8-7--------------- G-----------------7-9----9-------------7--7-9-7------ D---------7-9-11--------------------------------11-7- A-7-9-10--------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- then A D E------------------------------7-9-10-9-7----7------------------------ B----------------------7-8-10-------------10----10-7-8-7-------------- G-----------------7-9------------------------------------9-7-6-7-6---- D---------7-9-11----------------------------------------------------7- A-7-9-10--------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------- A D Em Em E---------------------------------------------------------------------- B-----------------------10-10-10-10---12-12-12-12---------------------- G--7-7-7-6---7-7-7-6----11-11-11-11---13-13-13-13---------------------- D--7-7-7-7---7-7-7-7----12-12-12-12---14-14-14-14----------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------7------- E---------------------------------------------------7-7-7-10-10-----0---