Clone chords


Drop D tuning DADGBE Riff A EI----------------------I BI----------------------I GI----------------------I DI-0-1p0------0-1p0-----I AI-0-----1p0--0-----1p0-I DI-0----------0---------I Riff B EI-----------I I'm not sure whether there is BI-----------I guitar here, but if there is you GI-8-7-------I can play around with these notes. DI-----7-6---I AI---------5-I DI-----------I Riff C EI-------------------I BI-------------------I GI-------------------I DI-0-1p0-----0-1p0---I AI-0-----1~--0----1~-I DI-0---------0-------I Riff D is Riff C with a palm mute Sequence Riff A X 12 Riff B X 4 Riff A X 8 Riff B X 4 Riff C X 6 Riff D X 8 Riff A X 8 Riff C X 3 Riff A X 1