Boys Will Be Boys chords

The Choirboys


((((((((F G} x)))))))) 4 I've always been in trouble With the boy inside the man Yes, he loves to have a good time He's so good at being bad FOh Gyeah, I wouldn't fight it FI wouldn't fight it even Gif I knew how FOh Gno, you couldn't stop us FWe're makin' all the Gnoise Chorus: Boys will be Fboys x 2 You know they don't have a choice Boys will be Gboys ((((((((F G)))))))) Now the wisdom that the years bring Can't help us anymore We're the last to leave the party The first to ask for more FAh Gyeah, now don't you worry FDon't you worry what toGmorrow's gonna bring FOh Gno, you couldn't stop us FMakin' all the Gnoise Chorus Bridge: GThey're always tellin' me Hey boy, you can't do that You've been a child that long It's time for you to grow up I put that old mask on It didn't last too long You're gonna have to take me Alike I am Break So now you're getting older Don't try to settle down You gotta live it to the limit That's why Chorus Boys will be boys, boys, boys x 3 Ad-lib Submitted by: Russell Edwards (email-removed)