Too Cool chords

The Clouds


u> Awesome to play along to with an acoustic. C all the way through the verse, F Ab for the chorus... this is from memory and the live at the wirless version. So see what you think. Verse: --0-0---0-0---1-1---0---- --1-1---1-1---1-1---1---- --0-0---2-2---1-1---0---- --2-2---x-x---x-x---2---- --3-3---3-3---3-3---3---- -------------------------------- Chorus just F and Ab (with a lead I haven't done yet). --1-1--4-4--- --1-1--4-4--- --2-2--5-5--- --3-3--6-6--- --3-3--6-6--- --1-1--4-4--- u>