She Sleeps With Guns chords

The Cops


Tabbed by Drusilla email-removed e-----------0-2-2--2-0-3 b-----------1-3-2--2-0-3 g-4---5-4---0-2-4--4-1-0 d---2-----2-2-0-4--4-2-0 a-----------3-0-2--2-2-2 e-----------0-0-2--2-0-3 Intro e-0-3 b-2-3 g-2-0 d-2-0 a-0-2 e-0-3 Played over some verses e-2-0-3 b-2-0-3 g-4-1-0 d-4-2-0 a-2-2-2 e-2-0-3 Chorus Play E and G over the solo e--9-2-5- b--9-2-5- g-10-3-6- d-11-4-7- a-11-4-7- e--9-2-5- Outro